Do you use let's encrypt?

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  • bash
    • "Inline comment"... try...
      echo Hello $(# cruel) world
    • ":" and "/" are valid in function names.
      /etc/hosts() { echo 'smile!' ; } ; /etc/hosts
      Why not define a function to manage /etc/hosts this way?
      Maybe like...
      /etc/hosts add
  • debian, package bash
    • When a feature of a program or package is disabled by the maintainer, the manpage should reflect it. Look for /dev/tcp/host/port in bash's manpage and try to use bash's networking features.
  • filesystem, links
    • Dear developers and packagers: Please use relative links.
  • init scripts
    • Some initscripts have additional args, e.g. status. Why not use this way to add administration functions? Why not introduce a service like /etc/init.d/static-hosts-table with nops for start, stop, reload but functions like add, del, list, save, ...? Same for /etc/ethers, /etc/securetty, ...?
  • python
    • A commandline calculator for calculations too complicated for bash's
      echo $((expression))
      capabilities (e.g. when floats are needed):
      python -c 'import math ; print expression'
      where the import is not needed for simple things.
  • windows
    • windows vs linux
      Sometimes I wish the linux world would not be so divergent. But sometimes I think it is nice to have thousands of choices/alternatives/parameters...
      Windows is like "eat or die". But what if I forget to eat while trying to find the best set of choices and parameters for the same problem on linux? I'm starving too...
      I'm a linux fan since kernel-0.11 and sure I am a settled and true fan of free software, but that does not mean that I suggest linux to everybody I meet. There are some cases in which I point someone into the windowsish direction and I can live with it...