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Posted by sphaero on Sun 9 Apr 2006 at 10:35
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This week I was phoned by a client saying it could access the homeshare of another user without logging in. I immediatelly sayed that it was not possible but playing around with smbclient command I noticed it was true.

I could access my homedrive with:
smbclient //server/myusername -U myusername
But specifying an other user worked as well.
smbclient //server/otherusername -U myusername

I have read-only access to the users homedrive. The home directory permissions were set to 0755 so it is correct that the home directory of users is readable by others. Changing it to 0700 would give NT_ACCESS_DENIED in samba but then apache user dirs don't work. So 0711 is the final solution.

Still I thought it was weird samba would let me map an other users homedrive.


Posted by sphaero on Wed 5 Apr 2006 at 10:10
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Recently I've been investigating the preseeding method of the Debian Sarge Installer. I've followed documentation from:
and works perfectly. But now I'm more getting into it I've tried to preseed a different setup for Exim4 during install just to realise it isn't working. I just can't get a different setup then "No configuration at this time" and "Local mail only" and I want to use a smarthost configuration or a 'send and receive mail directly'. But no luck. I'm now thinking of automatically removing exim4 and installing postfix instead. Anyone...?