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Vodafone Sure Signal - flashing Internet light
Posted by simonw on Thu 10 Oct 2013 at 11:21
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The latest Vodafone Sure Signal 3 box or Alcatel-Lucent 9361 Home Cell p3.0 as it says on the box did something a little odd, which I found a load of non-answers for.

When you complete registration, plug it in and the power light stays on, but the Internet light is flashing slowly, most likely explanation is it is downloading an update from the Internet (is the orange light on the ethernet port flashing showing traffic). No idea how big the download it has to download is, but it took a significant time on a 16Mbps download line (more than 20 minutes).

So basically leave it an hour before trying to figure it out, because it is less frustrating than trying to find good documentation for the right version from Vodafone. No really just leave it, if you must fiddle check it has picked up an IP address from your DHCP server or something non-disruptive of it doing a download.