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Google Oddities
Posted by simonw on Fri 14 Jun 2013 at 01:35
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Who knows if Matt Cutts and the folks at Google have alerts set for bugs and such like.

I am changing a lot of stuff currently because of a change of job.

One thing I have (a bad idea it seems) is some websites registered in Webmaster tools to my personal Google Account. I want to transfer ownership to a new account (done), and remove myself - at which point it says I should remove the verification codes (which it claims are used to allow me to delegate to the other admins). I can see why complications might arise with delegating a new owner and deleting myself, but ultimately if they let the people who control the website currently reset stuff if it goes wrong (and they do), it seems a harmless enough approach. Maybe I'm missing something, like the code is static, and so presumably would be the same if I tried to re-verify myself later, and they use the same inteface for everyone, or some such.... messy.

Google Business Listing: seems having verified a business as my own, the way to delete it is to ask Google nicely, who then send me an automatic email saying they'll get to my feedback eventually. Not that anyone can use the listing as website and email have gone, but it still seems odds having a manual process.

Now to address the 130 odd Webmaster tools messages - well spotted Googlebots.