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Huawei G300 Updating to Ice Cream Sandwich
Posted by simonw on Sun 21 Apr 2013 at 01:05
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Previously bought from Vodafone and unlocked a Huawei Ascend G300.

Knew ICS was available, discovered that Huawei have a general purpose ICS version independent of Vodafone, so possibly a chance to lose all the Vodafone breakage (sorry features).

Phone also has had a couple of issues with stability resulting in numerous files in LOST.DIR on both SD cards, so a reinstall was overdue.

[U8815][SoftWare]HUAWEI Ascend G300 firmware(U8815,Android 4.0,V100R001C00B952,General Version) 2012-12-17

Backed up settings via Huawei Allbackup.
Backed up Apps via Huawei Allbackup.
Copied all photos to local disk (and Flickr).
Download and unzip firmware on Debian desktop, copy the dload folder to the root of the additional SD card.
Did the install from SD card under Storage in Gingerbread.

All went well, till I tried to restore "Huawei Allbackup" from its APK file, when it failed to install "Application not installed" (helpful not).

The "AppInstaller" found all the APK files from my old apps that Allbackup had saved, and made short work of reinstalling those I want back, but all the settings are lost till I figure out how to get "Allbackup" working with ICS.

Given I very purposely don't keep anything crucial on the phone, everything is synced (including the photos so I now have 4 copies of them), it is a minor inconvenience to lose the settings (I'll have to cut and paste some account passwords, and lose state in a few games). I'd decided before hand that if this happened I wouldn't back out the change.

The other Huawei app that failed to install from its APK is Huawei FM Radio, which is a minor inconvenience, as I rarely use it, but a bit annoying and I will kick Huawei support as seems odd they left it out of the install in the first place.

Now I just need to master ICS, I just hope it handles unclean shutdown of filesystems better than Gingerbread. Otherwise they'll be another reinstall all too soon.