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W2K3 daylight saving
Posted by simonw on Tue 2 Apr 2013 at 15:42
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An hour of my life deciphering why one Windows 2003 server didn't do daylight saving gracefully.

Didn't work as documented - didn't work as per our notes - didn't work as per the GUI, the command line commands didn't work as expected, but the third knowledge base article which said use the registry editor you point and click monkey, and set the various registry settings by hand (KB 816042 but not all of them as you may not want to become as time server) seemed to do the trick. I'll tell you if it really worked in the autumn.

Makes me crave the insanity of "cp ntp.conf /etc/ ; service ntp restart", although a lot of the time these days I go with the default ntp.conf depending where the server is hosted. Although even then I had to tweak the kernel boot parameter for XEN hardware based virtualization servers to enable and use jiffies before time was stable in multiprocessor Squeeze servers.

Oh symptom was that W2K3 box lost one hour when it did its time sync after the daylight saving change, would be correct on reboot, and lose an hour on resyncing later. I presume some insanity caused by the mysteries of XEN. Although only noted on one server, so probably something I didn't do when it was set up.

Some sort of race to the bottom amongst visualization providers, how insanely complicated can we make getting the correct time before they go back to a real server.