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Goto undefined subroutine &Carp::shortmess_rea
Posted by simonw on Wed 12 Dec 2012 at 16:33
Tags: none.
Couldn't decipher this error from a Perl script. Search suggested, what the log messages stated, that Perl was picking up the Debian packaged "Carp" module when it should have been using my "Local::lib" version.

After some pondering I trimmed it down to "MIME::Lite::TT" only to read the "MIME::Lite" documentation to discover the maintainer doesn't recommend it. Switched to another way of sending email, and my issues went away. Couldn't immediately discover why it is suddenly picking up standard libraries, can only assume it is spawning a child process or deliberately hunting out the system Perl modules under the hood somewhere.

Morale - read the documentation of modules (and "parents") before relying on advice on the Internet about a good way to do things in Perl, the advice might have changed. Alternatively read the Debian package description.

MIME::Lite considered evil :(