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April Fools day come early? CVE-2007-0038
Posted by simonw on Sat 31 Mar 2007 at 15:44
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I initially thought a silent, zero day exploit, against animated cursor handling had to be an April fools day joke.

This vulnerability in some versions of Microsoft Windows is a depressing reminder of the state of IT security. The error is due to the decoding software trusting the data to correctly describe it's own size, and over running a buffer if it lies.

Although Wikipedia claims this type of weakness was first exploited in 1988, protection against such issues was incorporated into the ALGOL60 programming language specification (which was nearly a decade before I was born), and nearly two decades before the exploit Wikipedia mentions.

It is a weakness in a feature most users probably never use, and most business users are probably wishing didn't even exist.

Whilst in this instance avoiding Microsoft email, and web browsing software, would allow the end user to avoid the exploit. There are basic types of exploit like these that are not fully addresses in non-Microsoft software, so whilst the grass is greener, it still looks a pitiful shade of brown.

In looking for a reference to a quotation about builders and programmers, here is a previous rant by me on the same topic recycled.