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Debian-NYC Novice Night was a great success
Posted by rkd on Sat 4 Dec 2010 at 22:31

The first Debian-NYC Novice Night was a great success. We had about 25 people, about fifteen of which we had never seen before. We've been trying hard to reach out to new groups, and it seems to have worked even though we have a lot yet to do. One idea we'll probably use in the future is Novice Nights targeted to specific groups. A group of tech teachers in NYC has already contacted us and we will probably do a night in conjunction with them in the near future.

People came for all sorts of reasons. We had a lot of installations, some people came for help configuration or upgrading, and some people came just to talk and learn more. Those who came to help learned a lot, too. Most everyone wants to come back.

As with all Debian-NYC's activities, our plans and what we have learned are online so that anyone can adapt and reproduce what we do.

We have a social event on December 10th, and will have another workshop, and another Novice Night, early next year.


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Re: Debian-NYC Novice Night was a great success
Posted by Anonymous (94.124.xx.xx) on Tue 7 Dec 2010 at 09:44
Nice idea ... Would be nice to do that kind of event in a lot of cities around the world ;)

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