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The first Debian-NYC Novice Night
Posted by rkd on Tue 30 Nov 2010 at 09:02

Debian-NYC is having it's first Novice Night this Wednesday, December 1st, hosted at Eyebeam. It will run from about 18:30 until 22:00, but people can come and go.

What are Novice Nights? They are a time for people to come and informally get help with Debian and derivatives. It's like an "installfest", but not just about installing. It's about getting help with what you already have installed. It's about helping to solve little problems. It's about meeting the community, and learning what resources are available, so that you can help yourself in the future.

We'll see how the first one goes, and improve from there. I'm looking forward to it, and seeing how this series evolves.

If you know anyone in the NYC area, point them to the Novice Night announcement and planning page and encourage them to come. Groups are welcome. There is also lots of other Debian-NYC events that happen, too.