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Posted by rbochan on Tue 9 Dec 2008 at 12:05
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I knew it had gone down hill, but now they're sending out spam for wedding florists via their RSS feed? And I thought the slashdot editors were bad. I guess it's time to completely remove them from my RSS and bookmarks.


Posted by rbochan on Tue 8 Aug 2006 at 13:58
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The new version of pan newsreader just introduced into Unstable is awful. There's literally no transition if you were running a previous version - meaning that previously set groups, profiles, and scorefiles, etc are completely unusable.
I have literally years worth of scorefile that's useless in this new version, since the scoring syntax has changed, so I can't just point it towards the old one. Hell, there's no place I can even find in the preferences dialog to even point at a custom scorefile, or set a "group default" for saving articles/binaries to... so one has to edit each individual group to do so. The pane layout doesn't even save the settings. You'd think a later version would have better functionality, not worse.


Guess I'll be reverting to the old version and putting it on hold until I have a few days to rebuild from scratch what I've spent about 3 years building up.

/rant over