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Posted by nathanbullock on Thu 1 Mar 2007 at 19:44
My Debian server does not currently run a mailserver, well I guess exim4 runs locally, but it doesn't receive any mail from the outside world and it doesn't send mail to the outside world. I think the only thing it does is sends messages to my local account on the machine about log files, and various other errors or messages.

I really have no interest in setting up a mailserver either. I don't want to have to deal with spam and other things, that is what things like yahoo and gmail are for.

What I do want is for any mail that is sent through this internal mail system to actually be sent, using one of my already existing email accounts smtp servers, to that same email address. So all error messages would show up in my regular email account from my regular email account, instead of on the root account of my server.

One way I could do this is to just change /usr/sbin/sendmail to a small python script that logs in to my regular email account through smtp and then sends the email to that same account. Would this be bad?

Any suggestions?


Posted by nathanbullock on Thu 1 Mar 2007 at 03:00
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Here is my problem, I have a python script that can take a very long time to run, I want to ssh into my server, run it in the background, exit ssh, and let it finish when ever it finishes. But when I try to exit, ssh always hangs.

I have tried using 'nohup python &', setsid, and disown. The same thing always seems to happen.

The closest I can get is to run something like this:
ssh user@server 'nohup python &' and then kill it with CTRL-C. The process keeps running on the server... but why do have to do the CTRL-C garbage.


Posted by nathanbullock on Wed 12 Jul 2006 at 15:28
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My webserver (Debian of course) is a machine that I very seldomly sit at, in fact I have to move a monitor down to the furnace room to even think about using it directly. But when I do I find it very difficult because there are constantly log messages scrolling by, things like 'eth0 blah blah', 'eth1 blah blah', etc, etc.

I am almost certain that these are the exact messages that go into the syslog but how do I make them stop being piped to the terminal window? (I am not using X just the raw terminal).

I think they only start showing up when I turn on firehol, but I am not sure about that part.