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Posted by miguel on Mon 19 Feb 2007 at 22:16
Hello Debian friends,

Last time I posted was long time ago, and Etch still not released. :-(

Well, this web site holds a lot of sys admins, I'm righting to let you know about a project of mine that now has gone public:

Quoting the site:
The EBL (Enterprise Blacklist) offers a blacklist of domains, with free distribution. It is fed by collaborators, web robots and web crawlers. it has the objective to be an efficient list of domains that certainly network administrators want the users to remain distant.

We already have more than 1.5 million domains, and started from scratch.

I want to have a lot of information, and right now I'm working on a robot to collect open proxies. Take a look!



Posted by miguel on Sat 25 Nov 2006 at 17:05
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First, help me add the important stuff of Debian 4.0 to this list!

Hello folks, you know that the release is close, and this time there is a little chance, or no chance at all that the release will delay.

I have been a regular reader of the debian-release and debian-devel mailing lists. And I can say for sure that everybody is doing best the effort to make a release.

Another important thing to say, is that Debian 4.0 will free the project of the label "stable has old software". Sarge was close to current upstream versions in a lot of packages, and Etch is a lot more this time, making this release what I consider the best distro ever, that will have a rock solid base and a huge set of almost or exactly the same upstream version, with security support and well tested.

This is what makes Debian very different from Ubuntu. In Debian, EVERY package counts, EVERY package needs to DO NOT have problems that will or can harm the user, or it will not be in the stable release.

I will show what already has been done since Sarge.

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