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Brief updates and some advice
Posted by kumanna on Thu 7 Jan 2010 at 04:01
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So, while Richard is busy doing research and arranging or facilitating several Debian workshops, here I am, gulping down Idlis and Dosas by the dozen. It's been a fun visit, and I got to visit several places in my native state, but since my visit to Mumbai is rather short, I won't be able to say hello to several friends this time (Sorry Kartik). Maybe this would happen only when I am back in India on a permanent basis; let's see...

Here are some general guidelines for travelers which I'd like to share:

  • They say it doesn't snow in Dallas. Don't believe them. I had to stay overnight at Dallas, and then embark on a trip in the other direction (trans-Pacific) to get home. It wasn't a really fun journey.
  • If you're ever rerouted due to flight delays, ensure you travel by a similar route, or else, ensure that you're not a vegetarian/vegan. If you fly to Tokyo and Hong Kong, for instance, be sure that you've specified your meal choices well in advance. Of course, you can live on fruits and bread, but you'll really be doing yourself a favour by not missing your flights in the first place; I don't know how I have wronged the weather gods this time.
  • Ensure that you don't keep too many valuables (which Customs might be suspicious of) in your checked-in baggage. This is important, especially to get through situations where you find that your baggage doesn't arrive with you (my baggage came a day late, and, thankfully, cleared customs quickly since my clothes were duty free, thanks to the many heavy duty cycles they've gone through in washing machines).

It's been a really fun trip, and I am sure I'll enjoy the rest of the trip, till I get back to my old routine and resume work.

Finally, in keeping with the spirit of a blog I try to understand (albeit, in vain, I must accept), I duplicate the concept of a post from that blog, here is an up-to-date list of airports in which I have sat, but never left except by way of airplane:

  • LGW
  • IDR
  • EWR
  • CLT
  • TKO
  • HKG

More updates later. Bye for now.