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Debconf10 and New York Visit
Posted by kumanna on Sun 8 Aug 2010 at 21:03
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So, I have finally visited my first Debconf, and it was a phenomenal experience. To meet persons who have guided you, persons work with, and persons you respect face-to-face and have conversations with them about several topics ranging from their vision for Debian to their views on topics totally unrelated to software is something truly great. I am now convinced that events like this, which provide the right environment to socialize and discuss various issues concerning Debian, will go a long way into getting several aspects of the project moving along in the right directions, as well as create awareness to the outside world about what the project is about and how it benefits users.

In terms of discussions, the Debian Science track was a nice way to see how contributors are putting Debian to good use for scientific research, and it was a nice opportunity to list out the things to be done to fill in the gaps and take Debian as a science platform forward. The Debian Python BoF was also a good place to meet many contributors face-to-face, and learn more about the technical concerns which people have in regard to the future of Python in Debian.

While I didn't hack much during the conference, Christian's presence made me finish the Hindi translation of the Debian Installer. We can now shift focus to other aspects, such as getting packages in order for a short freeze-to-release cycle.

Columbia University provides for a very nice venue, with easy access while maintaining a quaint environment within itself. Since this is my second visit to New York City, I had an idea of the common tourist locations, so I did not go around much during the conference. However, since I have a buffer day, I might try my hand at some photography around the place.

Have a safe trip home, and a wonderful time ahead! I leave you with a photo I took when I went with a friend across the Brooklyn Bridge after Debconf.

Downtown Manhattan Panorama - from the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, Brooklyn, NY


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Re: Debconf10 and New York Visit
Posted by Anonymous (82.131.xx.xx) on Mon 9 Aug 2010 at 22:57
There is definitely more contribution coming from the usa than from this craphole europe with bunch of unemployed sysadmins, programmers, dead economy, careless governments. Its just a deadzone.

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Re: Debconf10 and New York Visit
Posted by Anonymous (217.216.xx.xx) on Tue 10 Aug 2010 at 03:01
For whoever interested in numbers, Debian Developers per country, 2010.

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