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Installing WebGUI on Sarge
Posted by jparrella on Sun 30 Oct 2005 at 18:33
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Greetings there.

Yesterday I installed WebGUI 6.7.7 (gamma) in a Debian Sarge installation. Specs are: Intel Pentium IV 1.7 GHz., 256 Mb. RAM, single 40 Gb. DD.

WebGUI's documentation are Fedora Core-based. Personally, I consider this being disrespectful with the users, since they are presuming you are using this or that distribution, and they don't even give you some points of information for handling errors in other situations. This is what happened to me.

Installation of Perl CPAN modules that they recommend (LWP, DBI, etc.) was OK, so was the downloading of the .tar.gz. Then problems started: they insist in their whole documentation to install WebGUI under /data. I think of this as being completely aestethical (maybe it's even not FHS-compliant?) as I use to install software under /usr/local. This meant a lot of .pl files modificated.

They also insist in using the old NCSA HTTP Server owner nobody while my Apache uses www-data. APT said that I had libapache2-mod-perl2, but I didn't have /etc/apache2/mods-available/perl.conf file, so I reinstalled and everything was OK. Modifications to the apache2.conf were also OK.

The terrible problems came when I tried to force-reload Apache. Apache refused to get up due to missing *.pm files. This had something to do with the preload.perl file that is Required into Apache when you follow WebGUI's website documentation. So I saw that there were missing modules. Using CPAN, I reinstalled almost all of them, and I had two more problems.

The first one was installing Image::Magick. Perlmagick (a.k.a. Image::Magick in CPAN) needs to be version-concurrent with Imagemagick. As I was using the latest CPAN files, but installing Imagemagick with aptitude, there was a huge version mismatch. So there were two solutions: the first one was to compile a recent Imagemagick, and the second was to install and older Perlmagick, which I did (aptitude install perlmagick).

The second problema came with Date::Manip, which refused to know about the current Timezone. Reading documentation I found out that this module takes timezone information from the TZ environment variable, from the files /etc/timezone and /etc/TIMEZONE, from the date Unix command and preferently on two variables in the file. I chose this last approach, since setting and exporting TZ was not working. BTW, Date::Manip only accepts some timezone definitions. VET (which is the Venezuelan Timezone) is not accepted on Date::Manip. I had to use EST (hopefully there'll be no DST problems).

I also had a smaller problem with CPAN while installing XML::Simple which required XML::SAX and XML::NamespaceSupport. It compiled dependencies OK, then XML::Simple refused to compile due to an unexisting Makefile. Solution was cleaning, restarting CPAN's shell and reinstalling XML::Simple. Worked Ok. Generally, CPAN's shell worked OK the whole process, except for one or two test errors which I forced out. Somebody told me that using dh-make-perl would be better, and finally I guess that using the stabler Debian packages would've been nice.

Finally, WebGUI is up and running OK. Seems to be a great piece of software. Took me almost an hour to get it up and running. Hope you guys have better experiences with this CMS.