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Weird: Caps, Shift inversion in C and E letters
Posted by jijitus on Fri 26 Sep 2008 at 19:54
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Since I installed Lenny on my laptop six months ago, I have this weird keyboard bug. With Caps Lock on, I get all letters in uppercase EXCEPTING the C and E letters.
And more: with Caps on and pressing Shift, all letters are lowercase excepting C and E, which this time are in uppercase.

In X this doesn't happen, only on the console.

I already tried kbd-config leaving the kernel default layout, US layout, and all Spanish variations (I use Spanish standard). None of these changes solve the bug.

And this it is not a hardware bug. I copied this Debian installation to my desktop PC and the problem is still there [both are 64-bit processors with nVidia chipset]. It didn't happen with a previous Mandriva installation on the laptop.

Suggestions are welcome :)


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Re: Weird: Caps, Shift inversion in C and E letters
Posted by e5z8652 (206.174.xx.xx) on Sat 27 Sep 2008 at 00:41
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That's an interesting bug. I don't think I ever use the caps lock key.

Anyway, I just duplicated it on a Dell Dimension 3000 (32 bit, intel chipset). I am using a regular Dell keyboard, runninng through a cables-to-go USB KVM.

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Re: Weird: Caps, Shift inversion in C and E letters
Posted by Anonymous (201.20.xx.xx) on Sat 27 Sep 2008 at 01:30
I remember having some sort of similar bug. I am not sure, but I remember it had something to do with the console font / char encoding / kbd mapping. Some weird combination (wrong obviously) lead to the issue. Try seeting everything to us / ascii to see what happens. I remember having some trouble with UTF-8 at the console with different distributions.

Please post your current console configuration here, it might help debug the problem.

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Re: Weird: Caps, Shift inversion in C and E letters
Posted by jijitus (200.125.xx.xx) on Mon 11 May 2009 at 02:53
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More than a month after Lenny went stable, I still suffer this problem... but not on the desktop, only on the laptop. Couldn't solve it yet :(

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CAPS-LOCK in tty consoles - lowercase "abcdef" - PowerBook Lenny
Posted by Anonymous (82.3.xx.xx) on Fri 3 Sep 2010 at 18:06

Hi :)

A sort of a "Me too.." on this air-the-bugs/share-the-pain page which was one of the top hits Google threw back at me on this issue.

Fresh install first boot, also after each reboot, buggy behaviour : in terminal consoles tty1 tty2 etc the CAPS-LOCK key produces lowercase "a" "b" "c" "d" "e" and "f" although all other keys give uppercase as expected. With caps-lock off, the uppercase a-f are still typeable using the normal Shift-key method. It's just the caps-lock is buggy, and only with those first six letters of the alphabet. But in the GUI on tty7 there's no problem with caps lock, neither in the log-in box nor in the desktop environment. It's only evident in the text console terminals.

Context : At long last I've just got a dual-boot Linux installed onto my Macintosh PowerBook Pismo. From fresh. I downloaded and burned the powerpc version .iso and was thoroughly paranoid about verifying with checksums of both the image and the files, the integrity of the disc itself. I even RTFM, reading a fair bit of the html documentation on the disc. Which is why, after booting with the C-key, at the Open-Firmware boot-prompt I typed the line : " install priority=medium BOOT_DEBUG=1 xdriver=ati resolution=1024x768 " ( . . though in practice my boot-arguments attempt to kickstart a working GUI display still failed, and it ended up with the flickering staggered mess which seems the norm on Linux-Macs until you've managed to manually edit some modelines and options into the xorg.conf file).

So, it was the powerpc DVD version of Debian Lenny 5.0.5 PPC, June 2010, though I do remember near the later stages of the installation "allowing" it to go online as it recommended doing so for total package currency.

The "priority=medium" bit was so it would inform and ask me more, but without being the full-blown "expert" install procedure.

I do remember being asked about language, keyboards and suchlike ... I definitely went with their pre-selected default-offering - "en_GB.UTF-8" - but I remember hesitating later in the process when it asked something about Mac and USB and existing kernels and keymaps . . . if memory serves correctly I went with "kernel's existing" instead of the offered "USB" as it's a laptop, using a built-in keyboard.

I saved the Syslog after the install so if anyone needs to query specific sections to pinpoint the bug then simply holler, I'll bookmark this page and try to look in now and again. Maybe the fact that it's only "a" to "e" gives someone a clue. Who knows?

But for the moment it was really to add my experience to the public pool, to say that it's buggy on Yet Another System. And to repeat the oft-read lament : will we ever get to a state with Linux in which "it just works"..? (sigh)

Hope this helps nudge the tipping-point with someone somewhere..


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Re: CAPS-LOCK in tty consoles - lowercase "abcdef" - PowerBook Le
Posted by Anonymous (186.62.xx.xx) on Sun 2 Jan 2011 at 13:51
Hi, I no longer use Lenny for my desktops or laptops, but I'm running a mediacenter on Squeeze. It does not has the 'C'/'E' bug with Caps (machine specs are mostly the same: AMD+nVidia, but 32 bits). Give Squeeze a try.

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