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wodim problems in etch
Posted by itsec on Wed 27 Jun 2007 at 14:11
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After upgrading to etch the notebook was unable to burn CDs or DVDs.

In k3b I needed to manually select cdrdao instead of cdrecord/wodim.

Why the heck do they change to unusable defaults???


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Re: wodim problems in etch
Posted by Alucard (207.190.xx.xx) on Wed 27 Jun 2007 at 19:50
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Yours is not the only nor the most important notebook in the world. What didn't work for you by default probably works for the vast majority of other people. Have you looked for bug reports about this? Have you filed your own bug report?

In short, Debian is not out to get you, and helping out is better than complaining.

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Re: wodim problems in etch
Posted by itsec (85.177.xx.xx) on Fri 29 Jun 2007 at 09:57
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Did you read that I provided a solution? (seems you did not)

Turning a working configuration in to a non-working configuration is the worst case! Here it was just a cd-burner and it could be fixed easily.

But we run a couple of machines live in the internet that are needed by others. Updating should just not turn any working system into an non-working state. (THAT is the reason why we eliminated windows completely. It defaulted to non-working!)

Whenever an upgrade could destroy a working configuration that should be mentioned while/before updating and the admin should have a choice!

And what do you mean by "most important notebook in the world"? YES IT IS! For me it is what feeds my family! YES IT IS. Like is any other machine that is used for critical business issues. Debian is a mature system. That's why it is used instead of windows. And it is used on "most important" machines. YES IT IS!

No tinkering!

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