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Posted by gna on Fri 21 Oct 2005 at 07:27
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I recently got a project where i had to install a kiosk system on a PanelPC manufactured by Lex Computech.

It has a Via Nemeiah CPU, an LV668B mainboard, 256MB RAM, onboard VGA/Flatscreen-controller, 2*100MBit LAN, 4port serial controller, onboard CF-IDE.

The TouchScreen is controlled by a DMC9000 RS232 controller.

I had no problems installing NetBSD or Debian on the system but had no luck with the DMC9000. I also had no fundamental knowledge how to install a TouchScreen controller on X, i only knew it was connected to COM4 (/dev/ttyS3). I googled around and found many manufacturers using this kind of controller, i also found drivers for XFree86 4 on Debian 3.1, but there was always the same README every time, providing a X-config snippet, instructions to copy, and start the calibration tool, but no troubleshooting info.

I saw the driver was loaded right, but nothing happened when i touched the screen. On my last try i put a WinME rescue floppy in the system an booted DOS, and used the DOS driver to test if it could tell me what happens. As the detection tool reported to me the controller is on COM4 (/dev/ttyS3) IRQ 11 i got the idea. On my linux installation i saw the 4 COM ports share IRQ 3 and 4. But thats not right. I started 'setserial -b /dev/ttyS3 auto_irq', then 'setserial -g /dev/ttyS3' and look there the IRQ was set to 0 (ZERO).

I gave it a try and fired up Xorg with the XFree driver, and the TouchScreen worked.

I had to reinstall my Debian system about 5 times. In Sarge the savage driver has a criminal refresh rate, even when it reports running on 85Hz, so i reinstalled Sid and the savage driver was working fine, my last problem was that the angles where wrong, so i tried a PMode setting i saw in DOS, and changed from the default 1 to 7 and now i am happy user of a TouchScreen under Debian SID.

The Kiosk Browser of my choose was Opera 8.5 because of it's ability of doing kioskmode on his own without any hacked skins etc (not like mozilla). The default TWM is right ok for this task, when the user logs in the broser is started, and without keyboard there is no chance to get out of the kiosk.

My only problem is to AUTOLOGIN the kiosk user, and to get the browser window true full screen. I have about 0,5cm on bottom, and 0,2cm on right that need to be filled.


Posted by gna on Thu 22 Sep 2005 at 10:46
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I have heard for first time some days ago about port-knocking.

I just read thru all materials, and tried out the package: knockd.

I installed from the original sources, and configured a basic UDP knockseq. the ability to open a custom SSH port.

And it worked!!!