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Fascism vs Freedom
Posted by glanz on Tue 6 Feb 2007 at 20:34
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Much of what is considered politics affects the IT industry directly.
In the US, and England Bro wants to have total control of the internet
and be able to monitor all communications. It is especially serious in
the US because of its fascist, right-wing obscurantist administration
who believe the universe was created by a bearded, vindictive old fart
in the clouds 10,000 years ago. THOSE are the idiots that would control
and restrict the world's tech. Those Crusaders against the Evil Ones,
terrorists, sex, science not dedicated to the development of weaponry,
would, and probably will control how you use the internet. Soon Great Britain
will probably require escrow of encryption keys, and the US will
probably ban the use of all forms of encryption for regular
non-Big-Brother-approved users. So there is no longer a line between
what some refer to as "politics" and what we do, develop and use as
computer users.

It's just the same old fight between fascism and freedom, and the
euphemization of the lexicon of fascism into doublespeak, and goodspeak
worthy of Orwell.