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tremor-based alsaplayer?
Posted by dkg on Tue 14 Nov 2006 at 20:30
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Does anyone know of a simple, clean, ALSA-output ogg-vorbis audio player that links (statically or otherwise) against the tremor integer-only vorbis decoder? Here's why i want it:

I recently got a Linksys NSLU2 which i'm happily running debian etch on (with the sid kernel, thanks a million to the debian arm team!). igor is tiny, slow, fanless, silent, low-power ARM-based NIC/USB platform. It's plugged into a USB disk, and hooked into my network, NFS-mounting my music from a different server.

I recently added a USB audio adapter, which is working for basic stereo output. (getting the other 4 audo channels and the buttons on the USB device to work hasn't happened yet, but that's another weblog post, probably).

I can easily and simply play back the mp3s that i have stored, but i found i couldn't play back my ogg vorbis-formatted audio. Watching the state of the system with

vmstat 1
showed that playing mp3s (via alsaplayer, via libmad), ~25% of the CPU is spent in userland, and ~25% is spent in the kernel, leaving ~50% free for whatever else i want to do with igor. Not too bad for a wimpy 266Mhz machine with 32 MB of RAM.

However, when i try to play ogg vorbis files, the vmstat output is nasty: ~97% kernel, and the rest in userland. only the choppiest audio comes out. It's unacceptable, basically. On further review, i'm pretty sure that the problem is that libvorbis is using floating-point math, while libmad uses integer math. i think the NSLU2 lacks a hardware FPU, and does floating-point emulation in the kernel, which would account for the stats i've been seeing.

Enter Tremor, the integer-math-only ogg vorbis decoder. It appears that tremor isn't packaged for debian yet, though i could get the source to build pretty easily on igor. I'm willing to take a crack at packaging tremor for debian (though i don't know anything about library packaging), but i want to test it out first! i don't have any example players that link against it. My preferred simple CLI audio player these days is alsaplayer, but it links directly against libvorbis, and doesn't appear to know anything about tremor in the code.

Should i try to modify alsaplayer? Is there a simple tremor demo app that plays via alsa? Is there an alsaplayer patchset that i just missed in my web searches? I'll probably try to dig into this in the next couple of weeks, but if anyone has any suggestions, i'd appreciate hearing about them.


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Re: tremor-based alsaplayer?
Posted by fsateler (200.83.xx.xx) on Wed 15 Nov 2006 at 05:26
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CMus seems to be able to do that. However, I think you would have to download the sources an recompile, since cmus in debian links against libvorbis. However, this player is ncurses based so maybe it doesn't fit your needs.

Felipe Sateler

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Re: tremor-based alsaplayer?
Posted by dkg (216.254.xx.xx) on Wed 15 Nov 2006 at 15:35
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Thanks for the suggestion, Filipe. i'll give cmus a try soon. i've expected to do some compilation -- i was just concerned that i wouldn't have the time (or skill) to do much in the way of source code modifications to switch a libvorbis-based tool to tremor. But cmus appears to have it as just a config option, which should be easier. and i've got no problem with ncurses, so that's cool.

I'll report back here whatever i find.

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Re: tremor-based alsaplayer?
Posted by dkg (216.254.xx.xx) on Thu 23 Nov 2006 at 06:46
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Thanks to your suggestion, i'm now playing ogg vorbis files on igor!

Anyone interested in tremor libraries for debian (at least until we get 167464 resolved) can now find them here, along with a rebuild of cmus that's configured to use libvorbisidec.

If anyone here is interested in sponsoring the libvorbisidec packages i made, let me know. I'd love to see them in debian for the sake of functional, cheap hardware.

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