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Posted by cpankonien on Tue 27 Dec 2005 at 14:45
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I have been wrestling with this problem for about the last two weeks..I have set up an imap mail server in my office, which is I also have the domain, which is hosted by a local isp (pop3). I can send mail from .net to .com, but when I send from .com to .net, I get a "550: relaying not permitted" error. (Mind you I had this same setup working about a month ago, but wanted to do it again to be more familiar with the setup. It seemed way too easy the first time!) Setup is as follows:
Debian Sarge minimal install with dovecot-imapd installed.
Exim4 setup for internet (smtp send and receive).
Imap server hanging off orange interface of ipcop firewall.
Imap and imaps ports forwarded from red interface to appropriate orange interface ports.
Bandwidth = cable modem.
The complete error message is "[cablemodem/red interface ip address] does not like recipient.
Remote host said: 550 relay not permitted
Giving up on [cablemodem/red interface ip address].
"Recipient" is a valid user on imap mail server.
Any suggestione would be greatly appreciated!


Posted by cpankonien on Wed 28 Sep 2005 at 21:20
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I recently began to play with LTSP, and it is fairly easy to set up. I cannot get sound to work though, has anyone had any success here?


Posted by cpankonien on Wed 21 Sep 2005 at 18:02
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A client recently asked if I could hook them up with some type of instant messaging solution. Since they have no internet connectivity, I started researching something that could be installed on their existing (Debian 3.1) file server. I initially found Jabber, but after reading the install instructions I realized it would take some fair amount of research/configuration/testing, since I would have to install a bunch of separate compnonets, including some type of sql server. Having never really ventured into the sql area, i was a bit discouraged at the apparent amount of time and testing this might take. On a lark, I tried "apt-get install jabber", and lo and behold, it was installed in no time at all. After simple configuration and quick client installs (gabber on my laptop, exodus on the windoze box), I was up and running in less than 30 minutes, start to finish. The client is very happy with it's performance and functionality, and especially the price, free! Just wondering what other solutions people have tried out there...