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Posted by ajt on Sun 1 Jul 2012 at 14:29
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Last XMas I swapped my father's tiny Viglen AMD Geode based PC for a faster desktop system salvaged from the skip. That left me with a small Geode based system to play with. It's been sitting on a shelf between an external hard disk and a switch for quite a few months...

Today I thought I'd better boot it up and see what I can do with it. It was running Debian Lenny and KDE3, so it was due for an upgrade to Squeeze. Rather than let it try and force KDE4 onto it, I first removed most of KDE3 and a whole raft of GUI tools, I'll be using it as a server. After quite a few packages were removed I then did the dance and started to upgrade to Squeeze.

I have apt-cacher-ng running on my server, so the download wasn't too bad as lots of stuff for stable was already cached. At the moment it's doing the main upgrade dance as setting up the various packages it's installed. I will have to purge another batch of GUI stuff - I don't need GUI web browsers on a server.

I may even upgrade it again to Wheezy - it's looking pretty good - and as it's about to go into freeze it may be worth it now. It's only a toy server at the moment - so not important for anything yet. Once I've got wake-on-LAN working to my current main server, it may be time to swap them over so the big server can sleep most of the time.


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Re: Upgrade
Posted by Anonymous (98.113.xx.xx) on Sun 1 Jul 2012 at 19:47
as a volunteer for OLPC, such a machine sounds like its comparable to the xo-1.

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Re: Upgrade
Posted by ajt (89.240.xx.xx) on Sun 1 Jul 2012 at 21:09
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Could be based on the same AMD hardware. I think there were quite a few small systems made from it. Viglen is just one of many firms that badged up a small box from it.

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