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Posted by Steve on Tue 3 Jun 2014 at 12:46
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If you're looking for a system administrator, who is very very familiar with Debian GNU/Linux, please do consider getting in touch.

I'm an ex-member of the Debian project, and was a member of the Debian Security Team, which involved handling security updates for the distribution. (This came about as a result of my interest in auditing software, a process which lead to the discovery, and fixing, of numerous flaws in popular open-source applications and servers.)

I'm based in Edinburgh, but I have had many years working remotely, and would be happy to repeat that.

As you can see from my prior submissions I'm very familiar with system administration, including (but not limited to):

  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, & etc.
    • Including clustered, sharded, and high-availability (except for SQLite of course!)
  • Apache, Nginx, lightted, & etc.
    • Including optimization, tuning, and writing custom modules.
    • Load-balanced access via Varnish, Pound, nginx, HAProxy, & etc.
  • SMTP, DNS, IMAP, LDAP, & etc.
    • I've developed custom, scalable, mail-servers with high-availability, and documented the process.
    • I've married OpenVPN to LDAP, and used DNS for as the basis for clustered data-storage, and key-value stores.
  • Virtualization
    • Using Xen (I wrote the original version of Xen-tool), KVM, and VMWare
  • Networking..
    • Firewalls, VLANS, segmentation, routing, bridging, & etc.
  • Revision control: Git, Mercurial, etc.
  • Perl, Ruby, C & C++.
  • Shell scripting.
  • Automation via CFEngine, Puppet, Chef, Ansible, and Salt.
  • Monitoring.
  • Backups, restoration, and testing.
  • Using clusters for high availability and redundancy.
  • Securing deployments, and auditing code for security holes.
  • My github profile shows active projects in C, C++, Perl, node.js, and Ruby, and is neatly condensed here.
  • Although I wouldn't describe myself as a coder per se I've written APIs that handle half a million hits a day, non-stop, and put together monitoring software that scales horizontally to provide round the clock coverage of thousands of hosts and service pairs.
  • ...