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A simple forum ..
Posted by Steve on Mon 2 Sep 2013 at 19:36
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I spent a few nights last week prototyping the kind of forum I'd like to use for supporting my Lumail email client.

The end result was something that was fast, clean, and reasonably well-coded. The only aspect where it falls down is in the looks-department.

I'm still in two minds about whether I need a forum to support the application, so for the moment it is just deployed on a random spare domain:

It can be described as a cross between hacker-news and reddit. (Though the example disables arbitrary tagging, which means the reddit-inspiration is less obvious.)


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check out notmuch
Posted by drgraefy (198.129.xx.xx) on Sun 8 Sep 2013 at 00:54
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Hey, Steve. luamail and your forum stuff look pretty interesting. If you haven't, you should check out notmuch as a potential backend for both:

It's a mail indexing library that I think would probably fit quite nicely behind what you're working on.

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Re: check out notmuch
Posted by Steve (2.120.xx.xx) on Sun 8 Sep 2013 at 09:02
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I'm pretty sure I've dismissed notmuch in the past, if I didn't then I certainly intended to.

I've got a lot of email and the last time I tried importing it notmuch would crash. I'll have to try it out again when I get a moment, but I'm not overly fond of the idea of using an intermediate database - rather than interacting with simple maildirs.


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