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Virtual Mail + Dovecott
Posted by Steve on Tue 8 Aug 2006 at 23:55
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If somebody wants to write a good guide about exim4 + dovecott + virtual domains, storing all configuration in a MySQL database I'd be greatful.

At a pinch I'd settle for postfix.

I'm in the process of planning a migration of my current server and I'd like to do the setup differently this time. I could probably work it out .. but feel free to help me out here ..?!

Right now I do:

  • Exim4 virtual domains, via text files.
    • Which does greylisting and Virus-scanning at SMTP time.
  • Delivers locally to ~/Mail (I should move to Maildir at some point ... now too?)
  • Filters via ~/.procmail
    • Which runs razor, pyzor, and spambayes.
  • Read locally via mutt

I have a webmail setup but never use it.

I've used dovecott before to offer IMAP so the setup of that should be trivial. I just need to work out how to replicate my current exim4 setup with MySQL backend. Should be simple, right?


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Re: Virtual Mail + Dovecott
Posted by goeb (84.184.xx.xx) on Wed 9 Aug 2006 at 10:51
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I tried to setup an exim4 installation on a VMware test server, completely MySQL based setup, including SpamAssassin configuration in the database. Basically it's not too difficult, but I ran across some minor problems. I have not worked on it for some weeks, since I do not plan to setup a new server before Etch is stable. However, all basic (and some not so basic) things do work, if you're interested in my exim4.conf I could send it to you.

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Re: Virtual Mail + Dovecott
Posted by simonw (84.45.xx.xx) on Wed 9 Aug 2006 at 23:41
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What do you need above;

The Postfix one is more complete ;)

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Re: Virtual Mail + Dovecott
Posted by redbeard (216.49.xx.xx) on Fri 11 Aug 2006 at 17:41
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I knew I needed to get my Exim + Dovecot + MySQL stuff written up. I will try to make some time soon to do this. I've been wanting to, but also been very busy.

Some time ago I had to do this and while I found good pointers on the web, nothing told the whole story. So, my article would be a synthesis of everything I found and did. Hopefully.

Now I just have to find time.

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