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Thinks I'd like to cover - eventually:

This is a short list of the article topics I'm interested in writing about. Suggestions are welcome, but I can't promise anything. Bribary helps ;)

  • X11 forwarding
  • Recording sounds with audacity
  • Filtering mail with Procmail
  • DVD Ripping:
  • ifrename package
  • saidar
  • sysvconfig vs other ways of managing /etc/init.d links
  • So you want to be a Debian user/developer?
  • Working with LVM
  • Working with the Debian bug tracking system.
  • Searching stuff:
    • Searching the Debian mailing lists.
    • Subscribing to package releases.
  • linda lintian fakeroot
  • Automated builds
  • Server monitoring:
    • mosshe - Server Monitoring
    • nagios - Server monitoring
  • makejail package
  • lsattr
  • Snort
  • Installing Sarge from scratch - using preseeding.
  • KSysGuard - Looks neat, although KDE centric

Although each of these depends on free time. If any other users submit a piece on any of these topics I'll just cross it off my list!

I'm still keen on encouraging more submissions .. but I'm not really sure how to go about that - I've managed to keep motivated for a couple of months. I hope I can continue for longer, as without pieces being posted I'm sure the readership would soon go elsewhere...