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Steve Kemp


About Me

I'm a Debian developer and admin/founder of this site.

I work maintaining many Debian GNU/Linux machines as a system administrator for a hosting company based in York, England. This despite the fact that I live in Helsinki, Finland.

My Articles

Any article on this site written by me may be freely copied and distributed upon other websites, so long as a link to this site, or my personal website is made.

Translations into other languages may also be made under the same condition. But no re-licensing under other conditions, and no disapproval of other translations in turn. Translations come under the category of "derived works" and I will not allow propriety or broken licenses such as the FDL to be used.

Printed copies published in books, magazines, or newsletters are expressly not allowed without permission. (A copy of your final work would probably be sufficient to change this wink)

Articles written by other users belong to them - so the same conditions do not apply to them. Ask for permission if you wish to reproduce the work of other site members.

I have an Amazon Wishlist if you wish to give me presents, although supporting this site by donations or clicking upon adverts which interest you is just as useful.


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