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Posted by RTB on Thu 20 Oct 2005 at 11:18
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Being self tout at something well all most everything in the Linux world can be some what difficult, depending on what it is! For me being slate dyslexic I was always tolled that I would not mange it or get it throw you head as it is an OS for the masters of computing, so going with that you cant use it I set off on my own and had a go at some Distro, ended up loving “Debian” my one love nix Distro!

Getting to know her is something of an experience, must say I have surprised my self in how dam good it is and how rebuts and flexible it is, but I must say when looking throw my favourites on support on debian this one is my best one for support and advise, it’s so neat and tided layd out unlike others, so “Steve I can congratulate you in the fine and hard work you and other users have done for us Debian Users,

Thank Steve and all the other users you all made my life in the Debian World more easier and fun!