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Posted by JulienV on Sun 11 Mar 2007 at 19:50
I am currently preparing an article for my own website, and was thinking that the subject could interest readers of I already have some (interesting?) articles that could be submitted here.

However, I am reluctant posting them on, since any change should be made in two places (my own website and on

I know Steve is looking for more submissions: why not allow people aggregating here the articles they write for their own website? I mean, if my CMS is able to provide an XML feed for the articles I write for my pages, they could quite simply appear here, removing the need to change the submitted articles in two places.

This would allow more submissions here, while preserving our own webspace ;-)

What do you guys think of it?


PS: the same could apply to weblogs (although less interesting than articles, this would allow more general stuffs to be posted here and appear on


Posted by JulienV on Fri 11 Aug 2006 at 09:49
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I will be away for a few days and would like to stop my home servers during that time. I set up a remote backup MX with Postfix and specified the following options in

bounce_queue_lifetime = 10d
maximal_queue_lifetime = 10d

Is it sufficient for not losing my e-mail?
Do you have some tips on this subject?



Posted by JulienV on Sat 17 Jun 2006 at 17:29
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I have been looking for a simple and working solution to share files locally and accross my local network for a long time now! When I say share, I mean give all users read/write rights on the files of given folders. I first bet on NFS and Posix ACL (of course, no NFS for local shares), and had to wait until a patch was published to make ACL usable on NFS. But I then found this solution was not usable with GNOME because of this bug. When creating or copying a file/folder with Nautilus, the permissions aren't set correctly. This morning, I discovered gnome-user-share which uses WebDAV to give each GNOME user the possibility to share a ~/Public folder. It does its job! I thus tried to implement DAV on my network and played with mod_dnssd to make things easy for my users (and for me at the same time), but, again, I have been disappointed for the following reasons:
  • DAV is very slow in local compared to filesystem
  • The owner of the shared folders has to be the user running Apache. As a consequence, the other users cannot manipulate the files locally through Nautilus, they have to use the DAV share only!
  • Most of the GNOME apps do not deal with dav:// address schemes: for example, in order to open a shared picture in Gthumb I have to copy the picture in my home first
Well, although WebDAV is really powerfull, it is not yet the solution I am looking for. What's the hell should I do to share my files using GNOME?!


Posted by JulienV on Sat 7 Jan 2006 at 10:13
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debian-administration is becoming very popular, more and more people read - like me - carfeully all newly published articles.

I know that Steve wants to encourage article submissions, and I was thinking that people could simply submit their articles in their native language. These articles could then be translated, and reviewed by native English speakers before being published on the website.

Most people can read English, but writing in English might be a barrier, preventing them to share their knowledge on this site.

Another way to increase the number of visitors would be to allow articles to be translated to different languages (I know this is already the case for some articles, as you can read witin the comments).

Both ideas would of course be worth only if enough people can do the translations and review them before publishing.

What do you think of it?



Posted by JulienV on Thu 22 Dec 2005 at 18:08
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I would like to try and setup my own DDNS system. There are several reasons, going from my wish to be independent from any provider, to the "technical challenge".

Here is the situation:

  • a home network with a all-in-one server (web, ftp, svn, mail...), with an ADSL connection, which means a dynamic IP, changed each day,
  • a virtual dedicated server (vds) with a confortable bandwith, on which I have root access

Currently, I use service, and everything is working well: on each IP change, ddclient updates the ip of (and thus

I have installed bind9 on my vds, and can update a fake zone and can update it with nsupdate (I haven't tried from a remote host, but I guess it should work the same way).

Now, I wonder how I can update my IP from my home gateway: either I choose to use nsupdate through the Internet (with a key as the only security), or I develop a system to send my IP to my vds, which would run nsupdate locally (this involves development, which I'm not fond of).

Are there any other possibilities?
Which is the best solution?

Are there any opensource systems which I could use (I found nothing!!)



Posted by JulienV on Thu 8 Dec 2005 at 18:24
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Since I moved from debpool to reprepro following to Steve's article, I noticed that, when updating apt databases, I get the following lines:

julien@hathor:~$ LANG=C sudo aptitude update | grep
Ign internal/contrib Packages
Get:4 unstable Release.gpg [189B]
Hit unstable Release
Ign unstable/main Packages
Ign unstable/contrib Packages
Ign unstable/non-free Packages
Hit unstable/main Packages
Hit unstable/contrib Packages
Hit unstable/non-free Packages

The same happens with apt-get update.

I don't understand what the "Ign" prefix means, I guess "Ignore", but ignore what?
All the packages are downloadable and installable without any warning (I thought it could be linked with secure apt and something broken with my signed archive).

Does someone have an idea about this cosmetic problem?



Posted by JulienV on Thu 10 Nov 2005 at 18:24
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Following to Steve's announcement:
"Registered users may now select an external stylesheets via their user options."

Can somebody (maybe Steve) put somewhere a link pointing to the old stylesheet?

Thanks in advance


Posted by JulienV on Thu 14 Jul 2005 at 14:02
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I have opened my repository with a few self-made packages (rkhunter, tovid...).

Just have a look at:

Do not hesitate to send your comments and/or suggestions