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Spamasssassin and or Clam-av output.
Posted by Grimnar on Sat 20 Jan 2007 at 13:53
It's me again!:)

This time I'm wondering if there are anyone with some experience with monitoring
spamd and clam. I guess I can use the good old terminal and such. But since I have fetish for great webstats, im looking for this.

Tried some searches but found about nothing for spamd/clam-av for debian. Maybe im blind, but I did not find any. And since I'm at work for the rest of this weekend this should be a great read on Sunday night.

Any other tips on spamassassin and clam-av are welcome as well. Since I installed the programs a couple days ago, I haven't got the time to really to check it out. I always find my own little prosjects and never have the time to follow 'em through.

The stats im looking for is like a dayli output of a folder scan and such, very easy. Sure, if anything else fails I could go for a 'scan -v /some/folder > /var/www/output.txt' but...