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Posted by GhostR on Sat 5 Sep 2009 at 14:03
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So I m finally on Vacation and bought new hardware to try VMWare ESX/ESXi. Now the question is: Can I import my LVM Raid5 into a my migrated Debian VM?
I would like to resolve this question before ripping my old home server apart. I m not really comfortable with migrating my Storage to Vmware file system, I really would like to keep my "hard" Harddisks with ext3 lvm plus I dont want to spend $ on a raid controller.

I guess its nothing special to import a native disk into a vm (at least I could imagine) anyone knows?


Posted by GhostR on Fri 24 Oct 2008 at 18:22
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Ok, lets see what I got... its Friday night, I m at home, next to me a broke 2k3 DC from work which gives me a hard time the second day now.
tried to clone the sata disks in my private home server via acronis and sata backplanes.
removed the disks, put my linux raid5 disks back in (in the right order), boot debian, and guess what I got.... a degraded raid5! what happened? - fucking (excuse me) sata controller decided to swap sdd with sdc, now mdadm cant find sdd any more because I have only 3 disks!

I m ready to shoot my self in the head! (at least I know I can fix stuff like this under linux ;) )
Have a nice weekend all!


Posted by GhostR on Tue 19 Aug 2008 at 09:16
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I share my private server now with a friend. So we reinstalled it with Xen 3.2 out of backports on the weekend with Debian minimal 64Bit and the current Xen-tools.
Now the question came up, how could he install a 32Bit domU? we tried arch=i386 in Steve's xen-tools with no luck.

According to xensource ( it should run fine. IMHO all new debian 64Bit kernels are PAE/Bigmem right?


Posted by GhostR on Sat 7 Jun 2008 at 13:40
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I'm planning on buying a new home server to play with xen and VT. It’s not a question about if I need a server like that or not for at home. And no, I won't call HP or another vendor and order a server.
So give me your thoughts because I'm not a real self build server expert.

I m looking at a Xeon 5400 series quad core with 2x2GB Ram, I might run Win2k3 on it too for testing. I want a dual processor board with 6 Sata2 for my existing LVM.

So I m looking at boards with 5000 and 5400 Chipsets and 5100 Chipsets from Tyan and Asus (supermicro seems to expensive, and so does Intel), the 5100 Series boards from tyan look very reasonable plus they save power because they don’t run the fully buffered ram yet. Saving some power would be great.

What brand should I buy and what kind of RAM, is DDR2 2 Channel Registered RAM good enough or should I go with power consuming, state of the art 4 Channel FB RAM? Is 4 Channel so much faster? I want to spend some cash and then run this machine for the next 3-5+ years.

Any thoughts about the RAM is highly appreciated



Posted by GhostR on Fri 25 Apr 2008 at 07:43
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Last summer I have been at a vitualisation meeting sponsored from our Hardware supplier. So I met many fellow administrators.
One guy told me about his hobby: Geocaching - it sounded interessting.

So I checked it out on and other variouse websites and tried it. Apperently I m a huge fan of going out caching. It gives me something to do and a reason to go outside into nature and walk great distances. (If you got kids, they will love it!)

All what is requiered is a good GPS reciever (No navigation system, but good enough to try it), I got myself a Garmin 60csx.

Who else is Geocaching? Every once a while I meet other cachers following their hobby. It starts to be very common.


Posted by GhostR on Wed 6 Feb 2008 at 20:57
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Ok, this is my setup and my goals just to give the edges.

I'm going to move our dedicated server to a new hoster (hetzner dot de).
They gave me an AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ Dual Core / 2GB Ram / 2x400GB SATA no RAID (our current disk usage is 35GB total) / 7 IPs routed.

We currently run an etch web server with multiple domains and an email/smart server for spam filtering. So it's a production server what I still would like to experiment on with XEN because I'm new to it.

What I want to achieve is a xen server with software raid1 so I can separate the services.
I'm not sure at all about the right strategy for this, so here I fire some questions, I would be thankful for some advice.

1. 32bit or 64bit etch?
I'm not planning on running any fancy software outside of the stable repository, and if so I can compile it. And no, I'm not planning on upgrading on more then 2GB Ram total. But I would also enjoy on running 32Bit DomU or vise versa just to be flexible. And no, there is no huge database running on it.

2. What hypervisor to install?
I already found out, always stick with the PAE version because Xen DevTeam doesn't support the old one anymore and it leads to problems.
I'm not planning on running uncustomized kernels so no hardware virtualization needed.

3a. File system Raid Setup?
I definitely want to create a software Raid1, it saved me a weekend on the old server. So should I throw LVM on top? What leads me to my next question...

3b. How to install the guests?
Install them on dedicated LVMs or in Containers? I heard people saying that the container is a bottleneck, what I can see to be true but I really like the idea of a container, easier to move around and to work with or even to backup(yes, I still will rsync the inside of the containers to an external backup space). The server is not that frequented so I can live with some IO lose. I guess the best would be a combination of both LVM and regular sw raid.

Questions over questions, any hints and shared thoughts are very welcomed.