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Posted by Cxms on Mon 7 Sep 2009 at 00:37
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Thanks to a reply I did find out why, or possibly why my network drivers will not load. The bnx2 kernel module (for my network hardware) does not comply with Debians Free Software policy, so it has to live in the non-free section. My guess is it tries to pull it from the free library. I am not experienced enough to rebuild the installer nor find a way to add it in afterwards, so have been pestering friends and lurking on as many Debian forums as I can find as yet to no avail.

I did get tired of burning CD's and decided to go with a USB boot for my installs, but that in itself presents problems as again like anything in Linux it's not as simple as it should be. Perhaps someone will do a quick fix on the net install cd ISO and things will get easier. Until then I will keep fumbling until I hit on the right thing.


Posted by Cxms on Sun 30 Aug 2009 at 05:14
I spent a few hours this morning working with the server again. I still have not been able to get past the network hardware issue, or the systems inability to recognize it. I guess I need someone with a bit more expertise to walk me through installing drivers after the basic system is up and running. I did download the drivers from both Broadcom and Dell and they are versioned the same.

Submitted and article: on the subject of what exchange type software was best and have received a lot of comments. One stated that Google Apps would solve all my email, and contacts syncing issues. There were a few posts back and forth on the point until I decided to check it out. Well it did indeed appear to be exactly what I was looking for, although setting it up was a big pain. However it was not until I get to the point of setting up the desktop workstation so it would also sync when I am told to do this I needed to pay for the premium service. Thanks a lot Google for letting me spend hours getting it going and tell me this at the last step. However I am not going to fall into the trap of well I went this far I might as well pay. So I cancelled the whole service and went back to my research for a way to run such services on my personal server.

Linux is one of those things where you just have to keep asking questions and reading until you hit upon the resolution to your issue.


Posted by Cxms on Sat 29 Aug 2009 at 15:14
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I came home from a two week vacation and there in my living room sat my giant Dell box and on top the little box containing my 2 TB HD. (Thanks Dad)

After unpacking I tore into it thinking I would have the system up and running on a basic level within the hour.

Installing the HD was easy, all of a minuet was spent turning the latch and squeezing the handle on the side of the case and removing. Popping out the plastic drive holder and slipping the HD into it then easily sliding the whole thing back into the case and plugging it in. Spent another minuet admiring the very clean and solid look of how the system was built then closed it up and connected to everything in my office.

I turned it on and checked the bios to be sure the settings were good then rebooted and installed the latest Netinstal CD I had downloaded from the Debian site. Right off all my plans of a perfect install and up within the hour were smashed as the install could not detect my network hardware and manually choosing the driver did not work. I posted the text below as an article for discussion.
After years of fighting at keeping my old server up, basically a hacked together desktop pc that always needs attention I purchased a new Dell T410 Server. I started a blog here to document the adventure and to save space; here is the link to see the system specs:

As always, I downloaded the latest Stable Netinstall CD image. Popped in my second hard drive, hooked everything up and turned it on. Everything looked fine in the basic setup Dell had left me so I slipped in the Netinstall CD I had created. Right off I ran into an issue with my network receiving the following message. "No network card was detected. If you know the name of the driver needed by your Ethernet card you can select it from the list below."

My card: Dual port Broadcom BCM 5716

The Linux install has the drivers listed as bnx2. I tried to select then move on but it comes back to the same screen. I was able to move past and do a basic install but have no net.

Being new to the site I am a bit undecided if this or my blog is the place to discuss these issues. I am sure I will get feedback on both.



Posted by Cxms on Sat 29 Aug 2009 at 14:43
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After years of fighting with an old hacked together desktop pc as my home server I finally woke up and decided to get a new one. A professional server designed from the ground up as such. Doing a lot of research looking at costs, performance and power consumption I landed with the Dell T410, specs below.

1 PowerEdge T410 Chassis with 6 Cabled Hard Drives and Quad-Pack LED Diagnostics
1 3GB Memory (3x1GB), 1333MHz Single Ranked UDIMMs for 1 Processor
1 Dual port Broadcom BCM 5716
1 Keyboard, USB, Black
1 Optical Mouse, Two Buttons USB, Black
1 Xeon Processor, 1.86GHz 4M Cache
1 T410 Heat Sync 1P
1 No Second Processor
1 HD Multi-Select
1 No Operating System
1 Baseboard Management Controller
1 Optical Cable T410
1 DVD-ROM, SATA, Internal
1 Dell Management Console
1 CD Electronic System Documentation and OpenManage DVD Kit
1 Onboard SATA, 1-4 Hard Drives connected to onboard SATA Controller -No RAID
1 Power Supply, Non-Redundant 525W $0.00
1 Power Cord, NEMA 5-15P to C14,15 amp, wall plug, 10 feet / 3 meter
1 Basic: Business Hours (5X10) Next Business Day On Site Hardware
1 250GB 7.2k RPM Serial ATA 3Gbps 3.5-in Cabled Hard Drive $74.63
1 Western Digital 3.5-Inch RE4-Green Power 2 TB/64 MB Cache SATA Hard Drive

The last item I ordered as my data drive. I always use two drives, one for OS and system software and one just for user data.

This blog is for documenting my adventure of putting all this together and discussing problems and resolutions.

I welcome any constructive comments and suggestions as long as you remember I am not a professional Linux or computer specialist. I am an Engineer by trade so go easy on me ;o}