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<rant>Less than optimally competent ISPs...
Posted by Arthur on Sun 29 Jun 2008 at 02:55
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... annoy me to no end. I'm sure I'm not the only one in this fine company who's been annoyed by an incompetent ISP.

The ISP in question provides ZyXEL ADSL modems to their hapless users, a brand of which I've heard nothing good but with which I had no previous experience. The first one puked a few months in, the replacement unit started dropping connections within a week. As time went on, the frequency of failure increased, and it reached the point at which a power cycle reboot was required to recover. A dozen or more times per day. So, I went out and bought my own ADSL modem at a retail outlet, and when it stayed online and fine for a solid ten days I brought my complaint to the ISP. An excerpt of their response:

We would like to examine the old modem and run some tests with it to see if the modem exhibits similar problems at our site. If we determine that the modem is not the problem, we will want to look into possible phone wiriing issues.

The symptoms that both modems models exhibit do reflect the possibility of line condition issue. If the house wiring is at the root of this issue, [telco] does offer installations of whole house filtering solutions. The price is variable, and dependant on how much labor it takes.

Yeah... right... it's 'at dad-burned pesky ole house wahrin. If'n 'at new one I bot were atchully workin' as good as I think it is, day woon'ta offered me a whole house filterin' slooshun.



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Re: <rant>Less than optimally competent ISPs...
Posted by ajt (195.112.xx.xx) on Sun 29 Jun 2008 at 12:50
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Is there such a thing as a competent ISP? Finding an ISP that knows what they are doing is a common question on various LUG and Perl Mounger lists I subscribe too.

"It's Not Magic, It's Work"

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Re: <rant>Less than optimally competent ISPs...
Posted by Anonymous (59.176.xx.xx) on Mon 30 Jun 2008 at 10:32
My ISP keeps losing ppp connectivity to its rotten modems, so I have to
keep rebooting the ADSL modem on network failure. I've scripted the reboot
so it does it all automatically now. I could move the PPP stack to run off
the box instead (running the modem in bridge mode) if I want to improve
control, but I haven't really felt a need yet.

That said, it *is* possible that your problem is a household wiring problem -
or the fitting of the phone wire into the modem isn't snug (badly made phone
plugs do exist). zyxel hardware is premium hardware for a reason, so there is a
good chance the zyxel is fine.


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Re: <rant>Less than optimally competent ISPs...
Posted by Arthur (76.74.xx.xx) on Mon 30 Jun 2008 at 11:42
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If ZyXEL is "premium hardware", I really do want to know to what it's being compared so I can avoid it. Admittedly, I've only got experience with two ZyXEL modems, but both have been pure junk.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the house wiring, and the environment is about as good as it gets for DSL. The DSLAM is about 400 wire feet away from the telephone network interface, the wire between the two points is just a few years old, and the modem is on a dedicated run (with a nice snug-fitting RJ-11 plug). There is just one other device connected to the house wiring, so only one filter on the line. However, both pieces of ZyXEL junk failed even when connected in isolation directly to the telco wiring.

The Zoom X6 that replaced the ZyXEL junk has been online and fine without so much as a hiccup for 15 days now, on the exact same dedicated run upon which both pieces of ZyXEL junk failed. The only change was the modem replacement, all else is as it has been.

The ISP provided yet another ZyXEL, which is going to remain in its unopened box unless/until the Zoom fails. I've lost more than enough hours of my life to ZyXEL crap. I don't expect any problems out of the Zoom.

Good luck with your ISP.

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