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Been a System administrator at University of G�vle/Sandviken since 1985 to 1996 on everyhing from OS 9 (no, not the Apple OS), Primos, HP-UX, DomainOS, SunOS and Solaris (and Mac and MS Windows). Used machines with different OS:es from DEC. Sneaked around Linux mailing list back in 1992. Did an Slackware installation on a uni. machine, but first own machine which I did an installation on was in 2000-01 (Red Hat from disketts). Now University teacher in Computer Science at University of G�vle since 1996. Only using Debian, Ubuntu and Solaris nowdays. No, I do not uses MS Windows any more (except to install Debian/Ubuntu). Tried Prolog back in 1979, but didn't understod all potentials of it, except that it was a different, but fun system to program in. Also disassembled Lisp and Forth back then. Yes, I did understod how it worked, but not how to program in them. Now I also can program in prolog, forth and lisp. :)


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