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Debian Stretch Released

Posted by Steve on Sun 18 Jun 2017 at 03:44

Today the Debian project is pleased to announce the release of the next stable release of Debian GNU/Linux, code-named Stretch.

The release notes, which cover upgrading, can be found here:

Changes and improvements are summarized in the release notes themselves, and in this brief summary of the release, but for me the highlights include:

Database changes

MariaDB is now the default MySQL variant in Debian, at version 10.1.

Security Improvements

The Debian version of the GNU GCC 6 compiler now defaults to compiling "position independent executables" (PIE). Accordingly the vast majority of all executables will now support address space layout randomization (ASLR),

Expected Updates

Many new upgraded packages, many new packages period.

What are you looking forward to the most? What new features are the best?



Re: Debian Stretch Released
Posted by Steve (89.27.xx.xx) on Sun 18 Jun 2017 at 07:25
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One interesting new feature is the availability of HTTP/2, via Apache. It'll be interesting to see if this turns out to be useful, or not.


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Re: Debian Stretch Released
Posted by ajt (195.99.xx.xx) on Tue 20 Jun 2017 at 13:14
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<p>Done one upgrade to a KVM image so far, no problems though nano has moved from /usr/bin to /bin, which was a surprise. I've also done one clean install on an old AMD Sempron box which is not happy at all - lots of core dumps - but that could be because I put the AMD64 version onto a IA32 box...!</p>

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Re: Debian Stretch Released
Posted by Anonymous (63.155.xx.xx) on Fri 7 Jul 2017 at 02:21

System/Shutdown with mouse is broken. Requires manually entering text command to shutdown.

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