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How Debian packages are arranged on CD-ROM

Posted by Steve on Tue 7 Dec 2004 at 15:52

When Debian stable releases are made there are many more packages than will fit upon a single CD-ROM. This means there has to be a bit of juggling arranging packages upon multiple disks. Apart from the base and required packages which always have to go on the first disk the distribution of the other packages are arranged by package popularity. If you'd like your system to be used in the voting read on.

The counting of package popularity is something that has been automated by the popularity-contest package.

If you choose to install this package you will be asked if you wish to take part in the contest.

Each machine with the package installed taking part will send an email to the popularity contest website, submitting details of the packages installed upon it once a week.

If you install the package and take part then your system will email its package details too, giving the CD-ROM builders a better idea of the packages which are installed.

The results of the submissions are processed and available for browsing online, but don't worry there isn't anything linking the data to the person or system submitting it!

The details which are submitted include:

  • The architecture of your installation (x86/sparc/etc)
  • The list of packages installed (from dpkg --list)
  • The last access time and modification time of the files in each packge.

The results are processed on the server and broken down by archive section, so for example you can see all the package popularity for the base section, the games section, etc.

(The section index is available to make browsing easier)

The global results make interesting reading showing the popular packagse from most popular to lease popular.

For each package in the Debian archive you can find it's current rank by visiting the following url:

The more people who install the popularity-contest package the more accurate the figures will be.



Re: How Debian packages are arranged on CD-ROM
Posted by Anonymous (200.158.xx.xx) on Sat 30 Jul 2005 at 04:55
Hi, just to add some more info, from Petter Reinholdtsen:
"... At the moment, some of the packages on the first and second CD is selected based on various criteria, while the rest are sorted based on their usage as reported by popularity-contest. ..."
from ml

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