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Merging apt repositories

Posted by g8se on Wed 1 Mar 2006 at 10:37

I've just been reading Michael Jang's "Linux Patch Management". The chapter on Debian isn't very detailed, and I was wondering if this is a solved problem under Debian.

I'd be great if it was possible to create a merged apt-repository containing (for example) the most recent packages from the sarge archive (or a portion of it, like i386), the corresponding security archive, and a local repository.

Then you could freeze your merged repository, test it till you are happy about it, and push it out to a production repository. This allows you to control a repository so that the organizations servers can auto update from it.

Does anyone know of a way to merge apt repositories?



Re: Merging apt repositories
Posted by Steve (82.41.xx.xx) on Wed 1 Mar 2006 at 10:40
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Although I've never used it in that fashion reprepro claims to handle merging repositories.

(We've previously discussed using reprepro to setup a local apt-get repository.)


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Re: Merging apt repositories
Posted by Anonymous (62.254.xx.xx) on Sun 5 Mar 2006 at 13:05
Apt Pinning will solve this for you, if I understand your question correctly. Rather than merging repositories, it lets you specify priorities between repositories, or packages in different repositories.

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Re: Merging apt repositories
Posted by g8se (203.214.xx.xx) on Sun 5 Mar 2006 at 22:56
Apt Pinning is a good solution for individual servers. But I'm more interested in a situation of managing over 10 servers. In this case, having to configure pinning on each server can be time consuming, error prone, and easy to forget. (But also easy to automate as well).

However it doesn't allow you to have a test environment, to approve packages before they go to production servers. Sarge and security updates have good records for not breaking stuff on upgrades, but not perfect records. The recent sudo update could have broken scripts that were particular to your environment. And if you were pinning from other locations, you could get a large variety in quality.

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