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Broadcasting Music with daapd

Posted by joe on Thu 16 Jun 2005 at 23:35

DAAP (pronounced daaaaaaap and stands for Digital Audio Access Protocol) is a proprietary protocol created by Apple. It allows you to share a directory of music so other people can listen to your songs without the hassle (or illegality) of downloading them to your own computer. It utilizes multicast DNS, or rendezvous, or zero-conf networking, or whatever the current buzzword is for that technology. Think of mDNS as peer-to-peer DNS -- so whenever you jump on a network, your mDNS enabled programs broadcast all over the networking looking for other mDNS programs and they couple together and have a great time.

The most common application that uses daap is iTunes. There are, however, a few other applications for Linux that offer the same functionality.

What I'll be showing you is how to set up a daapd server so you can have a central music repository quick and easily.

First, installation. Ready for it? Here it comes...
apt-get install daapd

It'll most likely also want to install mdnsresponder, too. You also might want to toss in some other music libraries like ogg or aac while you're at it. mdnsresponder is the guy that will handle all the mDNS stuff for you. There isn't much to that package. There's a configuration file but not really any documentation on what to do with it. That really doesn't matter though since all you need to do is start it up and never worry about it again.

Next, you'll want to edit your /etc/daapd.conf file. The options are all self-explanitory and have good descriptions. One thing you'll want to do, though, is get rid of any .m3u playlist files. I noticed that this causes applications to crash for some reason -- which is unfortunate because applications that support m3u through daapd will automatically show you the playlists in the application. Hopefully this will be fixed in a later version.

After you're all done with that, start daapd up with a good 'ol
/etc/init.d/daapd start
If your music directory is quit big, it'll take a while for the initial scan. Once that's all done, fire up your client application (like iTunes) and your host should pop up in the menu.

And that's it.

It's also worth noting that you can't copy songs to your own computer via DAAP, per se. DAAP works via HTTP and if you're sneaky, you could always use something like wget. But you didn't hear that from me or him..

Here's some daapd references:
daapd homepage
daap wiki

Have fun!



Re: Broadcasting Music with daapd
Posted by grimoire (82.70.xx.xx) on Fri 17 Jun 2005 at 09:40
What Linux DAAP client applications are there? This looks like it might be a "better" solution for streaming music over my network than mounting my Ogg Vorbis share over NFS (especially since it looks like I could use it on smaller, more portable devices), but I neither have nor want an MacOS or Windows machine :)

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Re: Broadcasting Music with daapd
Posted by Steve (82.41.xx.xx) on Fri 17 Jun 2005 at 10:00
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GNUMP3d (package) might be worth looking at for streaming music.

Although I'm biased as it is my code ..


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Re: Broadcasting Music with daapd
Posted by dbp (156.153.xx.xx) on Fri 17 Jun 2005 at 18:02
Wow!! I am in the presence of greatness!! I just switched from mod_mp3 to gnump3d!!! I love the interface of gnump3d. With mod_mp3, I hated the idea of a page with just a long list of links to files. With gnump3d - it sorts out all the files and gives a much more user friendly interface. I'll check out daapd, but I have a feeling I'll be sticking with gnump3d for a while.

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Re: Broadcasting Music with daapd
Posted by Steve (82.41.xx.xx) on Fri 17 Jun 2005 at 18:04
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You're welcome .. it's probably the single most popular or useful thing I've ever written.

I'm tempted to post an article on it, but it's kinda taking self-promotion a bit far!


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Re: Broadcasting Music with daapd
Posted by Piem (81.178.xx.xx) on Fri 17 Jun 2005 at 21:05

promoting gnump3d would be most useful. It took me a while to find it, but I am using it a lot now, and i am so used firing up my browser to play some music that i could hardly do without.

I sometimes do a ssh tunnel to play music from other places:
ssh -fg gateway.homedomain -L 8888:internalhost.homedomain:8888 sleep 3600

About daapd, it should be noted that howl, the source of mdnsresponder, is not so free as it is a fork of code published under the Apple Public Source License. This is the reason why it is not in sarge.

Cheers, piem

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Re: Broadcasting Music with daapd
Posted by Anonymous (221.191.xx.xx) on Thu 7 Jun 2007 at 17:03
looks daap was renamed to mt-daapd

aptitude show mt-daapd

mt-daapd is a DAAP server that works with most POSIX compatible operating systems. It allows you to share your music collection over the local network using
the same protocol iTunes uses, so real iTunes users may peruse your music.

Moreover, if your music is in more esoteric formats like FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, or Musepack, these can be converted on the fly to different formats (usually WAV),
so that your entire music collection can be listened to by normal iTunes clients.

It also features a web interface that can be used to control components of the server, trigger database updates, and create playlists.

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