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FAQ : User Accounts

This is the Frequently Asked Questions section of this site. It is divided into several separate pages:


How do I create an account, and why should I bother?

To create an account simply visit the user creation page, and complete the form.

If you create your own account you'll have a better means of interacting with the site, such as:

  • The ability to post your own weblogs.
  • Notifications of any comments posted in response to your articles, weblog entries, or your own comments.
  • The ability to customise the information shown upon the sites sidebar.
  • The ability to disable adverts when reading articles.
  • The ability to choose an off-site CSS stylesheet to replace the site's default appearance.
    • (Although all users can override particular display settings if they wish via user-style-sheets)
  • The ability to create bookmarks of articles, polls, and weblogs.
  • The ability to add tags to articles.

In the end the choice is yours, I have no wish to artificially limit the abilities of the unregistered, anonymous, user.

I didn't receive my confirmation mail and initial password, help!

Please make sure you've checked your spam folder if you use some kind of mail filtering it may have inadvertently ended up in there.

Note: If you're using any kind of challenge-response system then you will most likely not receive the confirmation mail. As the account mails are automated we have no ability to respond to the "challenge".

I've forgotten my password, can you help?

If you have forgotten your password you can visit the forgotten password page.

This will allow you to reset your password. As we don't store your passwords, just a one-way hash, we cannot "remind you" of your previous password.

Can I rename my account?

It is not possible to rename your account through the website interface, instead this is a job which must be conducted manually by the server-admin.

If your proposed username is not in use, and you have a real urge to change it then mail the webmaster and it will be changed for a one-off payment of $10.

(The payment is required for two reasons, firstly to reflect the amount of work involved, and secondly to dissuade people from frivolous or frequent renaming.)

Can I delete my account?

No, that is not currently possible. This is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future either.

The main question becomes "What happens with any comments left by a deleted account?". Do they suddenly get deleted? If so what about the replies to them?

The simplest option is to revert their authors back to the "Anonymous" user, but that is not entirely satisfactory.

Until this question is answered the option of account deletion remains in limbo.