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FAQ : Site Adverts


This is the Frequently Asked Questions section of this site. It is divided into several separate pages:


Why do you have adverts?

When the site was started I was unsure of how long I would be able to keep it running, partly because of the bandwidth used and partly because of the time involved in keeping the code running, looking after user queries, etc.

(After getting slashdotted a couple of times this server was upgraded to a dedicated host as a way of increasing site-performance. However this obviously costs more to run)

Writing articles and general maintenance takes a surprisingly large amount of time - so it seemed reasonable to put an advert or two on the site.

However, like many surfers, I don't like looking at adverts.

As a concession to this I chose to only display them upon the articles pages - as this is where most visitors end up, either via google, or via syndication - and only then if you're not logged in.

This means that if you return to the site often enough to be annoyed by the adverts all you have to do is create an account and login.

Of course if you do wish to support the site you may choose to view the adverts by making the appropriate selection in your preferences.

How can I disable adverts?

If you're an unregistered user of the site you are unable to disable the adverts.

If you're a registered user of the site simply edit your preferences to enable or disable the displaying of adverts.