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This site will turn read-only at the end of September 2017.



This is the Frequently Asked Questions section of this site. It is divided into several separate pages:


What is the purpose of this site?

This website is designed to be a repository of tips, documentation, and tutorials concerning the administration of machines running Debian GNU/Linux.

More information can be viewed in the sites's about page.

How do I contribute articles?

Simply visit the article submission page and enter the text of your article.

Once it's approved it will be added to the front page and available for viewing.

Generally there is one new post added to the site every day, unless there are several pending contributions. So don't be suprised if it takes a little while to appear.

How do I contribute a poll?

Simply visit the poll creation page and enter your question & answers.

In the interests of keeping space down the length and number of your answers is limitted somewhat.

What kind of articles are desired?

Anything will be considered for inclusion so long as it is either:

  • Of general interest to users of GNU/Linux.
  • Of a Debian-specific nature.

For example articles describing how to setup networking under Fedora, or Mandrake Linux would be unlikely to be accepted.

General purpose introductions, or short guides, which are distribution agnostic may well be accepted if the topic is interesting or useful.

How can I help the site?

New articles, poll ideas, questions, or comments are the best way of contributing to the site, as these benefit all visitors.

But if you lack the time, or ability, to submit content there are other ways you can help:

  • Link to the site, or otherwise promote it.
  • Report spelling errors, or errors in the texts, via comments.
  • Translate and republish content from the site.

Any suggestions on features you'd find useful in the site, or changes which would make it more useful/usable will be appreciated too.

How is the site built, and where is the code?

The code behind this site has undergone several transitions, but in brief it is a Perl-based CMS called Yawns.

To see the code behind the site please visit:


How can I find out about changes to the site?

Changes which might be of interest to visitors are shown upon Steve's blog.

I found a bug!

Well done!

If you let Steve know it will hopefully be fixed quickly. If you have a patch that's even better.

User feedback on problems is certainly important and will be greatly appreciated.

Would you change / add this feature?

Feature suggestions are appreciated, and if they seem reasonable they will be implemented as time permits.