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This is the Frequently Asked Questions section of this site. It is divided into several separate pages:


What was the purpose of this site?

This website was designed to be a repository of tips, documentation, and tutorials concerning the administration of machines running Debian GNU/Linux.

More information can be viewed in the sites's about page.

What kind of articles were desired?

Anything would have been considered for inclusion so long as it is either:

  • Of general interest to users of GNU/Linux.
  • Of a Debian-specific nature.

For example articles describing how to setup networking under Fedora, or Mandrake Linux would be unlikely to be accepted.

General purpose introductions, or short guides, which are distribution agnostic may well be accepted if the topic is interesting or useful.

How is the site built, and where is the code?

The code behind this site has undergone several transitions, but in brief it is a Perl-based CMS called Yawns.

To see the code behind the site please visit:


Would you change / add this feature?

The site is now a frozen thing, and future changes are unlikely to be made.