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Debian Administration

This site was created as a simple weblog designed to contain interesting and useful information related to the System Administration of Debian GNU/Linux systems.

Whilst there are several sites where users can post questions and have answers contributed by other users there are no other sites on the web which are specifically targeted at distributing articles of interest to Debian administrators.

This site is designed to fill that void, with content accepted from users.

Feel free to create your own account and contribute an article, tip, or question you may also submit a poll.

User accounts aren't necessary but they do allow you to do several additional things:

From your account page you can customize several aspects of the site - such as which sections are displayed in the sidebar, whether to receive notifications if other people reply to your comments, etc.

It should be noted that this site is neither an official part of the Debian project, nor endorsed by it. The Debian project has its own official website, and the name Debian is a trademark held by Software In the Public Interest.

This site was put together by Steve Kemp.